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Add the finishing touch to your exterior space with some well-planned outdoor landscape lighting.

Benefits of Installing Landscape Lighting

  • Safety: Good lighting on steps, walks and driveways help avoid accidents
  • Security: Floodlighting and other landscape lighting will deter prowlers and vandals
  • Investment: Grounds which are dramatically lighted at night look like a luxurious estate, increasing the resale value of your property
  • Show off the beauty of your home after dark
  • Highlight favorite flowers and shrubs
  • Dramatize trees, pool, fountains and masonry texture
  • Accent statuary and other focal points
  • Relax in your backyard or entertain on your patio or deck.

Where to install Landscape Lighting

While Landscape Lighting can be placed virtually anywhere, some spots make it an absolute must.
Those include:

  • Paths: A well-lit path is both welcoming and required, providing illumination that extends hospitality to visitors and makes walking more secure. High illumination isn't necessary, and downlights will prevent glare. Individually lit pavers can also be used to light a pathway.
  • Entries: Place lights either to each side of a door or overhead at front, back, and side entry doors.
  • Driveway: Low-voltage landscape lighting is a good option along a driveway.
  • Steps: Steps should be lighted for safety; either the risers or the treads can be lit.
  • Decks or Patios: Lighting can be used to illuminate specific task areas on a deck or patio, such as a kitchen or cooking spot, as well as railings and seating areas. Uplighting, which is harder to accomplish outside, can be used on a deck or patio to send light upward on an umbrella or deck "ceiling" for an indirect effect.
  • Gazebos, Pergolas, or Trellises: Lighting is a good way to highlight an interesting built element in the outdoor landscape.
  • Architectural Features: Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to highlight a wall, for example, by washing it or grazing it. When a wide beam of light is aimed at a wall from a few feet away, it creates a wall wash. A light used to graze a wall creates interesting highlights and shadows. Both will provide a little accent to nearby plants.

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