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Noack Maintenance & Landscaping Company has been named Master Dealer of Skeet-R-Gone, the best mosquito control system available to homeowners and businesses in the Houston area.

This revolutionary system delivers a biologically and environmentally safe concentrate to your entire yard through your irrigation system. Invented and developed in West Fargo, North Dakota, Skeet-R-Gone is the most thorough and effective means for mosquito control. It can be used to eliminate both mature and larvae mosquitoes at their source. You can also treat your lawn for gnats, grubs, no see-ums, ants (including fire ants), and other bugs that everyone in Houston hates.

Other concentrates are available and can be used in the Skeet-R-Gone system to repel undesirable animals such as snakes, deer, rabbits and others. Skeet-R-Gone can be installed into any new or existing sprinkler system. Once installed, it is very simple to operate, and depending on number of zones, an entire lawn can be sprayed in as few as 5 minutes.

We are convinced this is the most effective and easy to use pest control/elimination system available anywhere…even if you pay three times what a Skeet-R-Gone System will cost you. Imagine in 5 to 10 minutes, you can "Sprinkle 'em to Death."

Now this is exciting! We do not come up with ideas to grow our business, you do. For the past year, we have been researching mosquito repellent systems because you told us that you could not enjoy your outdoor space during many times of year because of mosquitoes and other pests. Mosquito Misters were the rage when we started evaluating the effectiveness of misters and sprayers. What we found is Skeet-R-Gone and we are extremely excited and pleased to become a Master Dealer and Certified Installer of the most effective mosquito control system available. If you already have an irrigation system installed for your lawn and landscape, the Skeet-R-Gone system can usually be installed for $899. Mosquito misters start at about $2,000 and they usually provide only 1/5 the coverage of the Skeet-R-Gone system. Imagine treating your yard for pests in 5 to 10 minutes. That is truly what you can do with the Skeet-R-Gone system. Skeet-R-Gone uses technology to accurately inject a completely safe concentrate into your existing or new irrigation system so you can easily treat your entire yard for pests by running each of your sprinkler zones for about a minute.

The proprietary mixture used by Noack Maintenance and Landscaping in the Skeet-R-Gone system is completely safe and will not harm children, pets, or your landscape. If you want to spray your azaleas or roses for aphids, just turn that zone or zones on to direct a treatment specifically to the areas needing it. Pet lovers will certainly enjoy the fact that they can treat their entire yard for fleas in just a few minutes.

If you get beyond the pure nuisance mosquitoes cause in our area, it is truly unsafe to be outdoors when they are active and even your pets are in danger around these carriers of disease. We have always loved making lawns and landscaping beautiful…now, we are prepared to help you enjoy your beautiful outdoors more. I know you are going to be happy with this system. I installed the first system at my house and I have not had a problem with mosquitoes or other pests since. It gives me peace of mind when my children want to be outdoors and I know you will enjoy your yard more with the Skeet-R-Gone System.

After a whole lot of research, we opted to partner with Skeet-R-Gone primarily for two reasons; 1) The spray injects into your irrigation system and is completely safe yet deadly to mosquitoes and even kills the larvae and, 2) since Skeet-R-Gone uses your irrigation for delivery, no misting system can compete with the Skeet-R-Gone in coverage area.

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