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Lawn Fertilizer Program...

We recommend that every one of our customers regularly fertilize their lawns. Your healthy green space offers aesthetic and environmental benefits:

  • Protects the value and appearance of your home investment.
  • Requires less watering.
  • Is less likely to be targeted by insects and disease.
  • Improves air quality by removing dust and other pollutants.
  • Minimizes soil erosion.
  • Absorbs sound better.

We offer a professional program for fertilizing lawns and our staff is ready to assist you. We have designed an effective program to keep your lawn looking it's best year-round.

March Weed & Feed with 6% Iron Removes ugly Winter weeds; added iron will green your lawn
May 3.1.2 Ratio Blended Fertilizer The 50% slow release formula gradually grows the top of the soil and the root system at the same time.
July 3.1.2 Ratio Blended Fertilizer The second application continues to strengthen the health of your lawn.
September 1.2.3 Ratio Blended Fertilizer This is low in Nitrogen, which will minimize brown patch, but high in potassium to strengthen your lawn for upcoming winter weather. It also has a healthy dose of iron to boost greening.
December Weed Pre-emergent This helps keep down Spring weed germination.

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